Geek Gifts: BREAKING BAD Season 1 DVD for $12.49, Season 2 for $17.49

     June 14, 2010

Are you not watching Breaking Bad?  That’s a damn shame because it’s probably the best show on television right now.  I’m still shaken from last night’s season three finale.  The show just has such a sublime blend of emotional weight, dark comedy, heart-pounding action, and powerhouse performances that it demands to be seen.

If you’ve been holding off on watching the show, you can now get Season 1 for $12.49 and Season 2 for $17.49 at for the grand total of $29.98.  This is a show worth buying sight-unseen, especially for less than $30.  Here’s season 1 Breaking Bad – The Complete First Season and here’s season 2 Breaking Bad: The Complete Second Season. Last night, Breaking Bad was picked up for a fourth season.  Catch up on the show and join in the agonizing wait.

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