Geoff Johns, DC’s Chief Creative Officer, Reveals BATMAN LIVE Plot Details

     November 10, 2010

Earlier this week we brought you the official announcement of BATMAN LIVE, the arena show set to tour the world starting in July 2011. Details on the story of BATMAN LIVE were scant, but that has changed. Geoff Johns, DC’s Chief Creative Officer, revealed that the show will focus on Robin’s evolution from an orphaned boy to a Boy Wonder.

“Batman lost his parents, but he can cope with his pain and owns it. Then he sees this boy and it reopens all those wounds. He’s a little bit harder – he can take it and own it, all this pain, and then there’s this other kid all this happens to. It opens up all these wounds and makes him even more angry. I think very much that Robin brings out a whole new level to Batman.”

Though Johns’ participation as a writer on the show is unconfirmed, he expressed his interest in getting more involved. For the rest of the interview, hit the jump.

You can hear the soundbites of Geoff Johns’ reaction to BATMAN LIVE at Chronicle Live (via comicsalliance).

If Johns can get on board with this production, he will bring a huge level of credibility to the project. He is an award winning writer whose resume includes such titles as Green Lantern, Superman, Flash and Justice Society of America. He is known for reinventing DC’s heroes, starting with Green Lantern, the best-selling “Blackest Night” series and continuing with the upcoming limited series “Batman: Earth One.”

Being DC’s Chief Creative Officer comes with more responsibility than just writing comics. Johns has creative input in DC projects not only in written form but in television and film as well. He’s been a consultant for the Green Lantern movie with Ryan Reynolds, has worked on episodes of Smallville and Robot Chicken and co-wrote the pilot for the Blade TV series. In summary, the man knows how to bring the DC universe to life.

As for the inclusion of Robin’s origins in BATMAN LIVE, I think it’s a stroke of genius. Batman’s origin has been done to death; Robin’s, less so. And from the hints that Johns gave in the interview, it seems that we’ll be watching along as Dick Grayson grows up and becomes the Boy Wonder. That will give the production an opportunity to seamlessly work in new villains and backdrops.

The idea of tracing Robin’s journey while reflecting upon Batman’s history is just a brilliant way to add emotional depth to the pyrotechnics and fisticuffs. It should keep the audience more engaged, rather than just having them wait for the next big explosion. If this doesn’t have your interest yet then I have just one more thing to say: The production features a twenty-six foot tall Joker head.

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