Heroes: DC Universe Shake-Up as Geoff Johns Steps Down

     June 11, 2018

On this 252nd episode of Heroes, Jon Schnepp, Amy Dallen, and Coy Jandreau discuss the following:

  • THR is reporting that DC Entertainment president Geoff Johns is stepping down from his position and entering into a writer-producer deal with Warner Bros. and DC.
  • In an interview with Empire magazine, Matthew Vaughn revealed that he is working on a third Kingsman film, a spinoff movie titled Kingsman: The Great Game, an eight-hour Kingsman TV show, a Kick-Ass reboot and a solo Hit-Girl movie.
  • Leaked Avengers 4 concept art and behind the scenes photos on Twitter seem to infer a possible time jump will occur in the movie.
  • Pixar’s Incredibles 2 comes out this weekend and the panel offers their thoughts on the potential box office for this sequel to 2004’s The Incredibles.
  • In a Reddit AMA, a fan asked Jeph Loeb if Season 2 of Iron Fist will feature Danny Rand receiving his iconic costume. Loeb responded that fans will “be very happy”.
  • A new Preacher featurette was released by AMC that features more new Season 3 footage.
  • Marvel released a series of new Ant-Man and the Wasp character posters that feature Michelle Pfeiffer wearing what might be an early WASP suit underneath her clothes.
  • David F. Sandberg revealed on the Film Riot podcast that they changed and adjusted Zachary Levi‘s costume while shooting Shazam! because of his movements and the color of the fabric.
  • In an interview with io9, Brad Bird stated that he’s not interested in making sequels to Ratatouille or The Iron Giant, but feels the pressure to do so because “no one apparently wants anything new anymore.”
  • A prominent YouTuber saw Avengers: Infinity War 44 times in the theater and as a result, he’s been invited to the world premiere of Avengers 4.
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