George A. Romero – Exclusive Video Interview – DIARY OF THE DEAD

     February 12, 2008

Opening this Friday, in limited release, is George A. Romero’s first independently produced zombie film in over two decades. The movie is called “Diary of the Dead,” and it’s about a group of film students that decide to make a horror film in the woods. As they’re filming the movie, they hear news reports that the dead have begun to come back to life. Frightened, they decide to take off in an old Winnebago to try to get back to the only safety and security they know: their homes. As the drive, they turn their cameras on the real-life horrors that confront them, creating a first person diary of their bloody encounters and the disintegration of everything they hold dear.

If you’re curious, “Diary of the Dead” isn’t a sequel, and it isn’t connected to anything George has done in the past. It’s a new and separate universe, and one that fans of Romero will recognize immediately.

As someone who grew up watching the zombie films of George A. Romero, I never thought that I’d be able to ask him questions about one of his films. Honestly, it was a real thrill to talk with him earlier today about “Diary,” and it was also great to hear that he’s thinking about making a sequel, and it would take place moments after this film ended. Since I don’t want to spoil the film, let’s just say there is a lot of room for more movies.

And in case you missed the trailer and the movie clip I posted for “Diary of the Dead,” I’m reposting them below the interview.

Again, “Diary of the Dead” opens this Friday in limited release. Unlike all the stupid horror films that get put out by the studios looking for a quick buck, this one has a message and makes you think. Just like you’d expect from a Romero zombie flick.

George A. Romero

  • Since he independently did this movie, I ask what it like was to have complete control

  • Sequel talk – will it be done the same way

  • I ask about his writing process

  • What’s his message with this film? What does he want people to takeaway from it

Diary of the Dead Movie Trailer

Movie Clip – Still moving

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