George Lucas NOT Digitally Resurrecting Dead Actors

     December 7, 2010


Contrary to the rather strange reports that George Lucas was planning to digitally recreate famous actors that have long-since been deceased, a spokesperson for Lucasfilm says otherwise. Yesterday, we told you that director Mel Smith had said that Lucas was buying up the film rights to every dead movie star he could get his hands on in hopes of digitally recreating them for the ultimate star-studded film event.  Well, today On The Red Carpet reports that a spokesman for Lucasfilm told them that “this is a false rumor.”

While the story did seem incredibly strange, it’s maybe even more interesting that the general public wasn’t quick to dismiss the story as rumor. It’s amusing that Lucas’ hubris has become so infamous that him digitally recreating the likes of Katherine Hepburn and Fred Astaire for his own morbid curiosity isn’t all that hard to believe for the majority of the movie-going public. But fear not Lucas-loathers, the man still plans to re-release the Star Wars films in 3D (starting with Episode I, of course) and is still working on that live-action Star Wars TV show, so there will be plenty more opportunities to lambast Lord Lucas.


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