George Lucas Confirms He Was Working on STAR WARS Sequels before Selling Lucasfilm to Disney

     January 13, 2015


A great sigh of relief went out among fans when they learned George Lucas wouldn’t be involved with the Star Wars sequels following the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney.  Instead, he’s moved on to an original property by writing the story for the upcoming animated family film, Strange Magic.  However, since he’s doing press for that film, he’s still going to get asked about Star Wars, and thankfully he’s been willing to comment on the upcoming sequels.

Over a year ago, we reported that Lucas had been working on Star Wars: Episode VII before Disney acquired Lucasfilm, and he confirmed this report in a recent interview.  Hit the jump for more.

Speaking to USA Today, Lucas reiterated what his son Jett said back in September 2013, telling the publication that he had started planning the next three Star Wars movies, but realized that it would be another 10-year commitment.  However, he didn’t plan to direct all three, and was still planning to sell the company.

Lucas says his original plan was to complete Episode VII, release it in May 2015, and then sell Lucasfilm.  However, Disney came along at the right time, and Lucas felt that it was better to completely divorce himself from the sequel trilogy.  “It’s better for me to get out at the beginning of a new thing and I can just remove myself,” said the filmmaker.

And while he may have alienated some fans by saying he hasn’t seen the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, that doesn’t mean he’s uninterested in the sequel.  On the contrary, Lucas says that he can finally embrace the movies as an outsider.  “The next one,” says Lucas, “I’ll be able to enjoy it like anybody else.”

Well, maybe not quite like anybody else, although I would pay money to see George Lucas walk into a room full of Star Wars fans on The Force Awakens‘ opening night.


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