See George Miller’s Wonder Woman Costume for Aborted ‘Justice League’

     November 20, 2015


George Miller’s Justice League will continue to be one of the great “What ifs?” of cinema, especially since Miller is coming off the excellent Mad Max: Fury Road and Warner Bros. is rushing towards a two-part Justice League directed by Zack Snyder. Today’s cinematic landscape could have looked very different, both in terms of how superhero movies are released and also when it comes to the aesthetic of the DC Cinematic Universe.

We’ve seen a bit of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman costume from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and it’s fine. It incorporates the “W” well, and it looks as ready for battle as the original Wonder Woman designs from the comic books (I’m not crazy about headpiece in the film, but that’s a minor qualm).



Image via Warner Bros.

George Miller’s Wonder Woman costume for actress Megan Gale would have gone in a different direction. Australian photographer Mark Rogers has released some photos of Gale in costume [via JoBlo] and you can see that the design is far more ornate that what we have on Gadot’s costume and yet there’s no “W” design in either the belt or the top of the costume. However, the costume does accentuate the breasts to an almost comical extent. But I do give Miller’s costume the edge when it comes to the tiara.


Image via Mark Rogers



Image via Mark Rogers

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