First ‘Geostorm’ Trailer Is Basically ‘The Day After the Day After Tomorrow’

     March 8, 2017


Skydance Productions and Warner Bros. Pictures have unveiled the first trailer for the upcoming disaster film Geostorm, and it’s certainly a big-budget disaster movie. The film marks the feature directorial debut of Independence Day and Stargate producer Dean Devlin and takes place in a world where our weather has become so out of control that it’s now controlled by satellites in outer space. But when they start malfunctioning and creating “a man-made storm of epic proportions”, only one man can save the world: Gerard Butler.

In all seriousness, this movie looks so silly that it could be kind of fun. The effects are genuinely impressive, and the trailer is smart to focus on the scope and scale of the destruction rather than whatever saccharine story has been created to make the human characters relatable.

The film reportedly went through up to $15 million of reshoots last year after test screenings didn’t go so hot. The retooling reportedly changed the film significantly, removing entire characters from the narrative while adding new ones. We’ll see if they did anything to help, but from a pure visual standpoint I would certainly watch this movie while eating overpriced popcorn.

Check out the first Geostorm trailer below. The film also stars Abbie Cornish, Ed Harris, Andy Garcia, and Jim Sturgess. Geostorm opens in theaters on October 20th.

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