Gerard Way from MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE Exclusive Video Interview

     October 26, 2008

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Last week I attended the Scream Awards and interviewed a ton of people on the red carpet. The one below is with Gerard Way…the lead singer of My Chemical Romance.

During the interview we discussed what’s up with the band, will the next album be a concept album, what’s his favorite city, and we even talked about the video games Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

If you’re a fan of My Chemical Romance and are curious what’s up with the band, you’ll definitely dig this interview.

Gerard Way

· What is his take on Rock Band and Guitar Hero

· Will more of their music be in the games and which game does he prefer – he says he played Rock Band and played Weezer

· What’s up with the band

· Writing process talk – when does he write

· Will the next album be a concept album

· Do they ever have pressure from label to deliver by a certain date

· Since he’s been around the world…I ask what’s his favorite city for nightlife

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