Dan Aykroyd Says Bill Murray Won’t Return for GHOSTBUSTERS 3

     August 2, 2012


Dan Aykroyd has somehow become the Mark Millar of his own franchise.  While Mark Millar is an outsider who pretends like he knows the daily goings-on behind the adaptations of his comic books, Aykroyd is actually a producer of the Ghostbuters movies.  However, he exposes the key flaw in trying to give people specific status reports: the facts change on a daily basis.  Just because it’s sunny today, doesn’t mean it’s going to be sunny a year from now.  If everything Aykroyd said about Ghostbusters 3 was accurate, filming would have taken place this past spring.  But the most frequently asked question for Aykroyd hasn’t even been, “When do you start filming?”  It’s been, “Is Bill Murray coming back?”

The chances of Murray returning have always leaned towards no with the star highly reluctant to reprise his role as Dr. Peter Venkman.  There was a time when he seemed slightly up on the idea of the character returning as a ghost, but that’s about it.  Now it looks like Aykroyd is finally willing to move on without Murray.  Hit the jump for more.

ghostbusters-3-bill-murrayLast month, we reported that Ghostbusters 3 was still moving forward after having brought on Men in Black 3 screenwriter Etan Cohen to replace long-attached writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky (Bad Teacher).  Today, in an interview with Metro, Aykroyd confirmed that Murray is out of Ghostbusters 3:

Is Ghostbusters 3 finally happening?

DAN AYKROYD: Yes, we’ve got a brilliant new writer on it and we’ll be passing the torch on to a new generation. We’re working on it to make it just right to satisfy our fans. I’m confident we’ll be in production in the next year.

It’s been a long process, hasn’t it?

AYKROYD: Yes, but now we’ve got the studio on side. We’ve tried a few concepts which weren’t right but now we’ve got a good structure and will make it happen.

Is Bill Murray doing it?

AYKROYD: No, I can tell you he won’t be involved.

How do you feel about that?

AYKROYD: It’s sad but we’re passing it on to a new generation. Ghostbusters 3 can be a successful movie without Bill. My preference would be to have him involved but at this point he doesn’t seem to be coming and we have to move on. It’s time to make the third one.

I don’t know why it’s “time” to make a third one and why they must move on.  Let’s be honest: do we need a third Ghostbusters movie?  Did Ghostbusters II leave some big mystery that can only be completed by a new film?  Keep in mind that this isn’t even the completion of a trilogy.  It’s, for all intents and purposes, a reboot.  They really don’t need any of the original Ghosbusters.  Why not have some kid find a proton pack and take it from there?

I think the biggest question for Aykroyd isn’t “Is Bill Murray coming back?” or “When will this movie get made?” but “Why do you want to make this movie so badly?”


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