Japanese ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Trailer Is Surprisingly Subdued

     December 16, 2016


We’re a few months away from the release of Rupert Sanders‘s live-action Ghost in the Shell adaptation, but a new international trailer has been released to remind us that the film is (relatively) just around the corner. It’s essentially a more condensed version of the trailer that’s already been released, so don’t expect a lot of new scenes, sequences, or peeks behind the curtain. As a placeholder for new content in 2017, however, it’ll do.

Starring Scarlett Johansson as The Major, Pilou Asbæk as Batou, with Beat Takeshi (a.k.a. Takeshi Kitano) as Public Security Section 9 founder and chief Daisuke Aramaki, plus Juliette Binoche, Kaori Momoi, and Rila Fukushima, and other Section 9 task force members played by Chin Han, Danusia Samal, Lasarus Ratuere, Yutaka Izumihara, and Tuwanda Manyimo, Ghost in the Shell arrives in theaters on March 31, 2017, and in Japan a week later.

Check out the new international cut for Ghost in the Shell below:

Here’s the official synopsis for Ghost in the Shell:

Based on the internationally-acclaimed sci-fi property, “GHOST IN THE SHELL” follows the Major, a special ops, one-of-a-kind human-cyborg hybrid, who leads the elite task force Section 9. Devoted to stopping the most dangerous criminals and extremists, Section 9 is faced with an enemy whose singular goal is to wipe out Hanka Robotic’s advancements in cyber technology.

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