GHOST RIDER 2 Revs Up on February 17, 2012

     September 17, 2010


It looked touch-and-go there for a second, but Nicolas Cage confirmed he will reprise his role in the sequel to Ghost Rider.  Per Box Office Mojo, Sony has set a date for Cage’s return: Ghost Rider 2 hits 3D theaters on February 17, 2012, five years and a day after the original hit on 02/16/07.

I know, I know — you weren’t clamoring for a sequel.  But the studio entrusted Ghost Rider 2 to Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor.  The unapologetically bonkers minds behind the Crank series.  If you want to make a fun movie about a flaming skeleton biker, you hand the keys to Neveldine/Taylor.  Done deal.  For more information on the film, check out Steve’s interview with producer Mike De Luca.

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