GHOSTBUSTERS III Script to Be Reworked in the Wake of Harold Ramis’ Death

     February 25, 2014


Roughly 24 hours have passed since the incredibly sad and untimely death of Harold Ramis, so in relative Internet time, it’s now appropriate to talk about the production of Ghostbusters III.  As Ramis was expected to make a cameo in the long-gestating project, you might have mused, upon hearing the news, just how the threequel would move forward without him.  A new report suggests that, although there will indeed be repercussions, the production will proceed as planned with a few minor tweaks to the script.  Hit the jump for more.

Ghostbusters 3As THR reports, Ghostbusters III hasn’t been completely derailed due to the passing of Ramis, more because the production has struggled to get going for years than because Ramis was an integral cog in the machine.  Ivan Reitman, who is signed on to direct the picture, is scheduled to meet with Sony’s higher-ups in order to figure out how to proceed.  Ramis was expected to cameo along with original stars Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray (no word on Ernie Hudson) as a sort of passing of the torch to the new ‘busters.  Their source says, “Their will be some repercussions,” and comments on Ramis’ involvement, saying, “He was always great to bounce something off of, and that will certainly be missed, but it won’t affect the script.”

A previous draft of the script, drafted by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, hadn’t even progressed to a point in which principal photography could begin this calendar year, so there appear to be bigger issues than Egon’s unfortunate absence.  Ramis’ death could positively effect the production in one of two ways, in my opinion: first, it could galvanize those involved to really get moving on the project as an homage to the fallen Ghostbuster, or second, it could provide an opportunity to put some distance between the original cast and the rebooted project, giving the property a fresh start.  Either way, I’ll be standing in line with every other 80s kid to see it, if the film ever makes its way into theaters.

Ghostbusters 3

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