Side-by-Side Comparison of the Official LEGO GHOSTBUSTERS Ecto-1 and the Original CUUSOO Submission

     May 2, 2014


Next month, Ghostbusters fans will be able to pick up the LEGO Ecto-1.  The toy was selected among the many fan-submitted LEGO CUUSOO creations.  After going through the licensing process, LEGO doesn’t do an exact recreation of the CUUSOO model.  There’s some tweaking involved, but for the most part, the final design should be recognizable to any fan of the property.

After the jump you can check out the Ghostbusters LEGO image comparison.  The LEGO Ecto-1 will be available on June 1st for $49.99.

The original submission is on the left while the official set is on the right. Images via The Brick Fan.


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