G.I. JOE Sequel News – Paramount’s Vice Chairman Says It’s Going to be Developed

     August 10, 2009

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While some wondered how much “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” would make opening weekend, the film made over $56 million domestically and $44 million internationally. What that means is…it’s time to start thinking about a sequel!

And according to the LA Times article, Paramount’s Vice Chairman Rob Moore has confirmed that a sequel will soon go into development. What that really means is, if the film continues to perform at the box office, we’ll hear about a script being commissioned and a release date in 2011 or 2012 being picked. So I’d say a few more great weekends and it’s a done deal. With the film costing a reported $175 million to make plus marketing costs, it’s going to have to make at least $300 million before a sequel is greenlit. While some had a lot of problems with “G.I. Joe”, I wasn’t one of them. I’d love to see a sequel made. More as we get it.

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