Chap Taylor to Adapt GIDEON’S SWORD for Michael Bay

     September 27, 2010


Earlier this year, we reported on the news that Paramount has optioned the upcoming Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child novel Gideon’s Sword for Michael Bay to produce through his Bay Films label.  Now, screenwriter Chap Taylor (Changing Lanes) has been hired to adapt the story for the screen.  Gideon’s Sword will be the first of a twelve-book series, with the first book due to hit stores in February.  The series centers on “a hero imbued with the ability to convince people of almost anything. The story involves the man trying to clear the name of his father, falsely imprisoned by the NSA, and possibly save the world at the same time.”  Hit the jump for the official synopsis.

The synopsis for Preston and Child’s Gideon’s Sword:

At age 12, Gideon Crew witnessed the brutal murder of his father, a scientist shot down by police during a hostage crisis. More than 20 years later, Gideon gets his revenge.  He brings down the man who destroyed his father.  But then a mysterious witness steps forward to confront Gideon about his crime—and offer him the chance of a lifetime… [HBG International]

According to Heat Vision, the aim of adapting the book series is supposedly to “kick-start a Jason Bourne-style franchise that would give Bay an opportunity to show character work while delivering high-octane set pieces.”  The project marks Bay’s second foray into adapting books for the big screen, following his producing credit on James Frey’s I Am Number Four.


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