‘Gilmore Girls’: Perfect Fan-Made Mashup Rectifies Missing ‘Year in the Life’ Intro

     December 1, 2016


Though the Gilmore Girls revival paid tribute to its iconic “Where You Lead” opening in the naming of its four parts — “Winter,” “Spring,” “Summer,” and “Fall” — the Carole King-accompanied opening montage was missing from “A Year in the Life.” One fan has fixed that glaring oversight, updating the Gilmore Girls opening sequence for the new Netflix era.

YouTube user Rose Tyler (potentially a time traveler from an alternate universe where “A Year in the Life” got an opening montage?) has edited together new footage from the new episodes along with the font and theme music from the original montage to create the opening “A Year in the Life”. The vidder has impeccable taste, choosing the best shots for each actor’s credit: Kirk’s Eraserhead hair; Michel at the pool; Emily walking out of the D.A.R. meeting, eating a cookie; and, of course, Lane drumming.

Opening themes have had a tenuous relationship to the current “Golden Age” of TV. For a while, particularly in the era of Lost and its minimalist opening “sequence” (really, it was just a title card), opening themes were passé and, let’s face it, took precious time away from the narrative. This has stayed relatively true on today’s network television, where TV shows are still bound by a rigid structure and time limit.

Not so for the premium cable and online content we still call TV, though, despite its internet home where the opening theme sequence has found refuge. The heyday of premium TV and Netflix original series has led to a resurgence in the prominence of opening themes. They are often masterpieces in their own right, like familiar short films before the airing of this week’s episode.

Take the iconic Game of Thrones opening, which clocks in at a solid 100 seconds, changes from episode to episode (depending on where that particular episode is set), giving you time to grab a snack before the show itself actually starts. It’s understandable that network shows, which have a finite amount of time to tell their story, might skip the opening. But we expect better from Netflix.

Perhaps Netflix had a good reason for skipping on the “Where You Lead” montage experience? Luckily, Rose Tyler has picked up their slack. Check out the updated opening sequence for yourself:

And here’s the original opening montage, for comparison:

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is currently streaming on Netflix.