‘Gilmore Girls’: Ratings Agency Reveals Potential Viewer Numbers for Netflix’s Revival

     December 2, 2016


Netflix is extremely coy when it comes to reporting on their ratings, never releasing exact numbers, but a Silicon Valley-based company called Symphony Advanced Media seems to have cracked the code… and where the service’s Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life revival landed on the charts may surprise you.

Citing Symphony Advanced Media’s numbers, The Wrap reports that the Gilmore revival netted 4.971 million viewers in the Ages 18-49 demographic, placing it ahead of Season 1 of Marvel’s Luke Cage (3.387 million) yet behind this year’s other big update of a TV classic, Fuller House (7.330 million). With the latest season of Orange is the New Black reported at 5.842 million, it is likely that the Gilmore update could surpass it.


Image via Netflix

Despite the decent showing, it is unknown if Netflix and their production partners at Warner Bros. Television will give us more Gilmore. Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino hasn’t committed to whether or not she will take the series beyond “the final four words” that she had always intended to go with.

Symphony AM also came up with some additional interesting metrics: For example, the first episodes of all of this year’s Marvel Comics-inspired shows outpaced the “Winter” episode that launched Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life. Do note, though, that Gilmore’s premiere was twice as long as the usual Marvel Netflix opener.

Where do these numbers come from? For a year now, Symphony has been using audio recognition software to chart what a viewer is watching, gathering data through a user’s cell phone microphone. It sounds a bit invasive, but if it creates a way to gauge ratings, it is at the very least interesting. As Netflix creates more and more individual series, an idea of the numbers should give a clear picture of what may or may not be back.

Starring Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life is currently streaming on Netflix.