Gina Carano to Star in John Stockwell’s Action Flick IN THE BLOOD

     February 14, 2012


If you missed Haywire, you missed the big-screen debut of Gina Carano, one of the best female action stars in years.  A skilled MMA fighter, Carano delivered physical beat-downs in a convincing way and you felt every single punch.  Now, THR is reporting that Carano has grabbed another action flick and will star in John Stockwell‘s In the Blood.  In the film, which is being described in the vein of Taken, Carano will play a wife who hunts down the men who kidnapped and killed her husband. I can get on board with this premise even though it’s the same set-up as plenty of other action movies: Do not piss off this person or they will remove your life.

As a bonus for Haywire fans, that film’s stunt team, 8711, is in talks to re-team with Carano for In the Blood.  Shooting is set in late spring or early summer in Puerto Rico.

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