Allen Evangelista, Ginny Gardner and Sam Lerner Talk PROJECT ALMANAC and “Dance Dares”

     February 2, 2015


Now playing in theaters is director Dean Israelite’s time travel movie Project Almanac.  The film stars Jonny Weston as David, a kid who comes across his late father’s plans to build a time machine.  Determined to complete his dad’s work, David recruits his friends (Allen Evangelista and Sam Lerner) to help him put it together.  As they begin to use the machine, unexpected complications lead to severe consequences when each jump they take in time alters the present.  Project Almanac also stars Virginia Gardner, Sofia Black-D’Elia, and Amy Landecker.

At the recent Los Angeles press day I landed an exclusive video interview with Allen Evangelista, Ginny Gardner and Sam Lerner.  They talked about if they watched Looper, Terminator and other sci-fi films before shooting, if the script/story changed during production, dance dares, deleted scenes, who ruined the most takes, and more.

As usual I’ve listed what we talked about.  For more on Project Almanac, click here for all our previous coverage which includes trailers, TV spots, on set interviews, and more.

Allen Evangelista, Ginny Gardner and Sam Lerner:

  1. Did they watch Looper, Terminator and other sci-fi films before shooting?
  2. How did they work with Dean Israelite to shape their character and did the script change during production?
  3. Who ruined the most takes and embarrassing moments?
  4. Dance dares.
  5. Deleted scenes talk.  They reveal the film originally had a different beginning.
  6. What’s it been like waiting for the film to come out.




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