‘Girls’ Season 5 Trailer: Hannah Is Alone Like Cher…and Naked

     January 20, 2016


The Girls are all grown up. But don’t worry, they’re all still as self-centered as ever, especially Hannah. Actually, mostly Hannah. In the new season 5 promo, Lena Dunham’s character pats herself on the back for her “non-traditional body type,” Shoshanna is off whipping people in a nurse’s uniform in Japan, Jessa is still being mean (though a bit more harsh than usual), and Marnie is still giving people uninitiated life advice.

“Friendship is forever complicated” is the succinct descriptor for this new look. While the previous trailer have focused on Marnie’s upcoming wedding to Desi, this one brings the focus back on Hannah. In the end, isn’t it all about Hannah, anyway? I don’t necessarily mean that as a bad thing. Yes, it’s not the best character trait for someone to have, but she’s got a ticket aboard the crazy train and it’s hard to look away. Watch the promo below.

After her struggles with weight, Hannah is embracing her figure with a naked photoshoot. Of course, it has to be in Ray’s coffee shop, where Elijah now works. Perhaps this initiative also has something to do with Jessa telling her she’s going to regret her life, though being alone and like Cher is not the worst thing in the world.

Elsewhere, Entertainment Weekly released a look at the season 5 opener, which premieres on February 21st and features Marnie’s big day. Dunham said of this season:

I feel like after you see this whole season you’ll see that the girls are heading to… not a conclusion in their life, but this period of this life – that the show is about – is ending. It’s always been important to us that we know and understand when it’s time to wrap it up. It is about a very specific time in life, and we don’t want to push past that or overextend it.

After Girls season 5 premieres next month, the show will come to an end with season 6.


Image via HBO