‘Girls’ Final Season Trailer: Hannah Wants to Make Her Mark on NYC

     November 22, 2016


Hannah hasn’t made her lasting mark on New York City just yet, but she has one more season to do so. HBO has released the first trailer for Girls’ sixth and final season, as well as confirming the official premiere date is Sunday, February 12 at 10 p.m. So get ready because Marnie now has a head wrap, and Hannah is so over it.

The trailer is brief but packed with new looks. From what we can gather, Marnie and Desi are just as unbearable but they’re still together — at the very least, in a professional setting — and Hannah is literally going along for the ride. Elsewhere, Hannah is learning to surf, perhaps in some odd effort to try new things and leave her “mark,” as she says, on the city. Elijah has seemingly made it to Broadway (or at least to the rehearsal room), Jessa and Adam are still together somehow (I guess that physical tussle was all they needed to work out their frustrations), and Shoshanna has an uncomfortable elevator ride with Elijah (maybe she found a new job).

Watch the trailer below:

Some photos from the set leaked earlier this July showing an interesting development between Adam and Hannah (click here if you want to see them), but Hannah’s chat with Elijah makes it seem like she’s ready to leave New York. She previously left to go to grad school in Indiana, but eventually dropped out and moved back to New York. However, leaving the city for good is a significant moment for those who’ve had the experience of living there — just ask Joan Didion — and it’s something that hasn’t really been tackled yet on the show.

There’s nothing really left in the city for Hannah: her career is stagnant, her relationships are a bust, and she has few goals to accomplish. With this being the final season, anything’s fair game. Check out a new image from the final season of Girls below:


Image via HBO