M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Glass’ Starts Filming

     October 2, 2017


Some good news for fans of M. Night Shyamalan‘s 2000 cult comic book-inspired film Unbreakable and his more recent breakout hit Split: the next film in the sequence, Glass, is now filming in Philly! While there are certainly cinematic secrets and plenty of twists ahead, Shyamalan has been rather vocal during his pre-production run-up to the new, highly anticipated film. We know that production should run about 39 days, and that the current script should result in a roughly two-hour-and-fifteen-minute movie. I, for one, am anxious to see how Shyamalan’s shared cinematic universe comes together.

Unbreakable‘s Spencer Treat Clark and Charlayne Woodard join Bruce WillisSamuel L. JacksonAnya Taylor-Joy, and Sarah Paulson for Glass in anticipation of the film’s January 18, 2019 release. That may seem like an inordinately long time to wait between production and release, but clearly Universal is looking to replicate the success of Split by keeping a similar release date window. (Like the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, it’s unbreakable.) This release will also be an uncommon team-up between studios: Disney’s Buena Vista International will handle international distribution while Universal takes on domestic distribution, a partnership that grew out of Willis’ cameo in Split even though Unbreakable was originally under Disney’s Touchstone banner (THR).

Here’s a timeline / peek into Shyamalan’s thought process over the last couple of weeks leading up to today’s production start for Glass:




Keep an eye out for more from the set of Glass now that production’s underway!

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