GLASSLAND Trailer and Images Featuring Jack Reynor and Toni Collette

     July 7, 2014


The first teaser trailer for writer-director Gerard Barrett’s drama Glassland is now available, along with a collection of four new images.  Starring Jack Reynor (Transformers: Age of Extinction) and Toni Collette (The Way Way Back), Glassland centers on a young taxi driver (Reynor) living on the fringes of a criminal underworld in Dublin. While struggling to save his mother (Collette) from addiction, he faces a life-changing decision which could push him further from the law.  This first look at the film decides to focus on the relationship between the mother and son rather than the crime side of things, which is fine, but begs the question, if it was set in Ireland, why go with the American Reynor and the Australian Collette?  The accents take a second or two to get used to, but hopefully won’t distract throughout the feature itself.

Also starring Will Poulter and Michael Smiley, the film opens September 26th.  Hit the jump to check out the Glassland trailer and images.

Watch the Glassland trailer below, followed by the film’s synopsis and new images:

Official synopsis for Glassland:

In in a desperate bid to save his mother from addiction and unite his broken family, a young taxi driver on the fringes of the criminal underworld is forced to take a job which will see him pushed further into its underbelly. But will John be prepared to act when the time comes knowing that whatever he decides to do, his and his family’s lives will be changed forever.

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