The Legendary Carol Burnett Will Play Sue Sylvester’s Mom Next Season on GLEE

     August 4, 2010


In what may be the greatest piece of guest star casting this coming fall, EW’s The Ausiello Files reports that the legendary comedienne Carol Burnett will play the Nazi-hungry force that is Sue Sylvester’s (Jane Lynch) mother on this coming season of Glee. Previously,  the mouthy gym teacher has only referenced her parents once or twice, and details on Burnett’s character are being kept tight under wraps. The only thing known at this point is that Sue’s father will not be joining her, so that leaves some stunt casting open for Glee down the road. Honestly, Jane Lynch is one of the few comediennes working today who even comes close to the charisma and personality of Carol Burnett, even if she seems a bit more vulgar and abrasive in her comedic style. All I know is I need to hurry up and finish the first season of Glee so I can get on board this train when season two leaves the station on September 21st.