CollegeHumor Recruits Glenn Howerton, Steve Little, Ben Schwartz, and Josh Groban for First Feature COFFEE TOWN

     January 11, 2012

The comedy website CollegeHumor has been p0sting quality original video content for some time now—many a clip has found its way to Collider.  So it is with joy that we welcome CollegeHumor to the feature film business, as CH co-founder Ricky Van Veen sets up their first movie, Coffee Town.  The cast features a few notable TV comedians, including Glenn Howerton (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), Steve Little (Eastbound & Down), and Ben Schwartz (Parks and Recreation).  Also Josh Groban, who has proven himself a perfectly capable comedic actor in Crazy Stupid Love and The Office.  The script by director Brad Copeland (Wild Hogs) centers on underachieving thirtysomethings who “must come together when their freeloading existence is threatened.”  More after the jump:

brad-copeland-imageAccording to Variety, Howerton will play “an underachieving web designer who plans to stage a fake robbery in order to preserve his daily routine at a local coffee shop, which is being converted into a pub.”  24 Frames adds that Little and Schwartz will play Howerton’s friends, while Groban has signed on for the playful role of a barista who wants to be a singer though he does not have the talent for it.

Copeland likened the coffee-shop setting of Coffee Town to a classic sitcom:

“It’s a little like Cheers.  They go about their day, but they always end up in the same place… I think the deeper story is of people who, with all these offices shutting down, need places to go—even if the people [who work] in those places don’t always want them there.”

As a producer, Van Veen is looking for theatrical distribution.  But other distribution plans, perhaps online, have not been ruled out for the R-rated comedy.  Van Veen commented on the company’s direction going forward:

“We think we can leverage what we’ve done into longer things, including features and TV shows.  There’s a market for high-quality long-form content that can go directly to consumers, and we’re well-positioned to do that.”

Production is scheduled for February in Los Angeles.


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