September 3, 2013


Within the often puritanical world of young adult fiction, The Mortal Instruments offers a uniquely complex portrayal of sexuality – embodied by the character of Magnus Bane, played by newcomer Godfrey Gao. First appearing on screen like a polyamorous Hugh Hefner in make-up, a robe and boxer briefs, Gao’s presence is initially shocking, particularly given the main character Clary’s decidedly understated representation of her own sexuality, but Gao imbues the character with dignity as he deals with the particulars of character and plot in a starkly un-flamboyant way.

Collider sat down with Gao at the Los Angeles press day for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, where the young actor talked about the great opportunities he enjoyed working on the budding franchise as part of its dynamic acting ensemble. Additionally, he offered some brief insights into the work he did to prepare the character for future installments, and discussed the often unique costumes that character have to wear when they’re part of secret, supernatural societies like the one in the film.

Godfrey Gao:

  • How much did he think about what will happen to his character in the future when making the film
  • Talks about his character
  • What does he collect
  • Why do all secret societies always wear leather.  Talks about his costume.
  • How tough was it to get under this characters skin because he’s so outwardly flamboyant but his personality is so pragmatic
  • What is he excited to do in the sequel



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