‘Godzilla: Resurgence’: New Trailer Savors the God-Lizard’s Explosive Destruction

     August 15, 2016

godzila-resurgence-image-sliceSince the first trailer for Godzilla: Resurgence dropped earlier this year, there’s been a swell of interest that even I, a self-designated Godzilla fanatic, didn’t see coming. Sure, the movie looked crazy and entertaining in a uniquely garrulous way, but it’s not like the movie looked to feature deep character or even poetic imagery in the same vein as Gareth Edward‘s masterful American take on the god-lizard. The film simply appeared to be enjoyably trashy in the way many recent takes on Godzilla have been, with the notable exception of Roland Emmerich‘s unwatchable version from the late 90s.


Image via Toho

The latest trailer for the movie, however, ups the ante to a point where this movie looks to be one of the most promising science-fiction bonanzas getting released this year. In this version, which comes from the Philippines and which you can take a look at right below, the destruction that Godzilla causes can be seen full-scale, complete with purple lasers, blood showers, crumbling buildings, and a big swinging tail just barely missing a crowd of Japanese citizens. And this latest reminder that nothing beats a good monster movie comes with an added bonus, as news out of San Diego Comic-Con is that Godzilla: Resurgence will enjoy a stateside release before the end of 2016 via Funimation. The Japanese cut of the film look to run just short of two hours at 118 minutes, and if it’s 118 minutes of what is on display in this trailer, I am beyond in.

Here’s the Philippines trailer for Godzilla: Resurgence:

Here’s the film’s official synopsis:

A cause unknown, an accident has occurred in the tunnels of the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line, causing an emergency cabinet meeting to convene. Immediately afterwards, a huge creature appears, destroying town after town with its landing reaching the capital. The mysterious giant organism named Godzilla.


Image via Toho


Image via Toho


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Image via Toho


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