‘Goldeneye 007’ Creator Confirms Once and For All: Playing as Oddjob Is Cheating

     August 23, 2018


Goldeneye 007 is indisputably the best video game ever created. Forget your cutting edge graphics, impressive storytelling, or emotional twists and turns. Goldeneye 007 is the GOAT and nothing’s ever going to top it. But until the game gets a re-release on a next-gen console, the best we can do these days is reminisce about how great Goldeneye 007 was, which includes debating one of the game’s greatest questions: Is playing as Oddjob cheating?

In between swigs of Surge and grabbing handfuls of pizza-flavored Pringles, Goldeneye 007 players also spent time fighting over who’d get to play as Oddjob in the game’s multiplayer mode. The character, who first debuted in the Ian Fleming novel Goldfinger and made his big screen debut in the film adaptation of that movie, was notoriously short, which made combat against Oddjob difficult. Want to karate-melee your opponent? Well if he or she is playing Oddjob, you gotta look down.


Image via Rare

As part of an extensive oral history of the game in Mel magazine (via Huffington Post), Goldeneye 007 gameplay and engine programmer Mark Edmonds weighed in on the Oddjob debate and, somewhat officially, settled it: Playing as Oddjob is cheating:

“It’s definitely cheating to play as Oddjob! But that can just add to the fun when you’re all sitting there next to each other and berating/poking/hitting the person who chooses him,” Edmonds says. “We could have put something in to stop this blatant cheating, but why not just let players decide on their own rules?”

So there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. Time to text your childhood friends and let them know what’s up.

In many ways, Goldeneye 007 was a harbinger of gameplay to come. If you think about the popularity of first-person shooter multiplayer franchises like Call of Duty, you can trace the origins of that interaction back to Goldeneye 007, which launched on N64. And also to Halo, but that didn’t debut until Xbox came around. There’s something pure about playing analog multiplayer with people who are in the same room as you, versus nowadays when you’re playing online with strangers. It made the gameplay itself more fun and more physically interactive, and no doubt curbed the toxic environment that now plagues most online communities.

Unfortunately the odds of getting a Goldeneye 007 reissue aren’t great, as the property is controlled by the Bond folks, and contractually it’d be a bit of a nightmare. Perhaps someday, somehow Goldeneye 007 will come back. For now, rest easy knowing that your friend who always played as Oddjob was a bona fide cheater.

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