GONE GIRL Is Now David Fincher’s Highest Grossing Film Domestically

     October 31, 2014


In case you needed further proof that Gone Girl is a bona fide hit, the film has now become director David Fincher’s highest grossing film on the domestic charts.  With a domestic total of $127.8 million and climbing, the satirical thriller has surpassed Fincher’s previous victor of the domestic charts, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which topped out at $127.5 million.  It’s an impressive feat to be sure, and while anticipation was certainly high due to the popularity of author Gillian Flynn’s novel, it helps that Fincher’s film manages to be wildly entertaining, bitingly funny, and somewhat terrifying at the same time.  So where does Gone Girl rank in relation to Fincher’s filmography on the worldwide charts, and how does Fincher’s oeuvre fall in line as a whole?  Find out after the jump.

david-fincher-gone-girlGone Girl’s worldwide box office total currently stands at an impressive $254.9 million, just behind Seven with $327.3 million and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with $333.9 million.  Although The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was considered a disappointment given the size of the budget and high expectations, it still ranks as #3 on Fincher’s domestic chart with a total of $102.5 million, though Gone Girl has already surpassed its worldwide take of $232.6 million.

Take a look at the rankings for Fincher’s full filmography in order of domestic gross below.   Zodiac’s small take seems so sad, but what’s striking to me is how enduring much of Fincher’s filmography is.  Films like Zodiac and Fight Club aren’t likely to be forgotten anytime soon.

Rank Title Lifetime Domestic Gross
1. Gone Girl $127,801,514
2. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button $127,509,326
3. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo $102,515,793
4. Seven $100,125,643
5. The Social Network $96,962,694
6. Panic Room $96,397,334
7. Alien 3 $55,473,545
8. The Game $48,323,648
9. Fight Club $37,030,102
10. Zodiac $33,080,084


Figures via Box Office Mojo.


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