GONE GIRL: What Did You Think?

     October 3, 2014


Ladies and gentlemen, a new David Fincher film is now in theaters.  Not only do we have a new work of art from one of the most exciting filmmakers in the business to pore over, but he’s adapting a book that has a lot of fans.  Expectations have been high for Gone Girl for quite a while, but the adaptation is now finally in theaters for all to see.  In his review, Matt praised the film as perhaps Fincher’s “most cold, pitiless, and acerbic movie to date”, and while I’ll be catching the pic myself this weekend, now we’d like to hear what you thought of the film.  Did Gone Girl live up to your expectations?  Did Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike deliver the goods?  How does this stack up to the rest of Fincher’s filmography?  Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section after the jump. 

Before sounding off in the comments, revisit the first teaser trailer for Gone Girl below.


Gone Girl What Did You Think?

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