Evan Goldberg Talks about GOON 2; Says They’re Trying to Figure out Deals

     May 9, 2014


Goon is a great little sports comedy, and if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend checking it out (it’s currently available on Netflix Instant).  For those unfamiliar with the flick, it stars Seann William Scott as a sweet-natured bouncer who becomes a hockey enforcer.  Michael Dowse directed from a script by Jay Baruchel (who co-starred in the movie) and Evan Goldberg (This Is the End).

The movie has picked up a cult following, and at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, Steve asked Baruchel about the status of a sequel.  Baruchel said they were close to finishing a script, and that if they were able to work out everyone’s schedules, they might get it rolling as early as fall 2014.  Steve recently spoke to Goldberg about Goon 2 at the Neighbors junket, and the co-writer was a bit more cautious about the sequel’s immediate future.  Hit the jump for more on the Goon sequel:

goon-2-sequel-imageWhen asked about the status of Goon 2, it looks like the script is now finished and now it’s a matter of, as Baruchel said back in September, “getting all of their ducks in a row”:

It’s not going yet, but they’re trying to figure out deals and working towards it, and everybody loved Goon who worked on Goon.  I’m super-proud of that movie.  I feel like it gives back to my country!  Because I can’t play hockey, so I’m a bad Canadian, but at least I made a movie about hockey.

However, the problem remains scheduling.  As everyone involved becomes more successful, it becomes harder to get them back to do a small, indie sports comedy.

But Goon 2 could totally happen.  Dowse is down, and everyone wants to get it done.  Dowse has another movie he’s working on right now, Jay directed some stuff, we got the interviews, so we’re all kind of busy, but it’s fully possible.

Here’s the video of the interview:

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