Goro Miyazaki to Adapt Manga KOKURIKO-ZAKA KARA for Studio Ghibli

     December 15, 2010


Goro Miyazaki, son of legendary director Hayao Miyazaki, plans to adapt the 1980s manga Kokuriko-Zaka Kara for Studio Ghibli.  Collider reader Ettore alerted us to an article on the Anime News Network that the project was in development and set for release in Japan next summer.  Here’s the synopsis per ANN:

The story is set in Showa 38 (1963, a year before the Tokyo Olympics) and follows the coming of age of an ordinary, pigtailed high school girl named Komatsuzaki in Yokohama, a harbor city near Tokyo. Her sailor father went missing after an accident, and her photographer mother is frequently going abroad for work. The manga recounts Komatsuzaki’s everyday life of “laughter and tears” with a school newspaper member, the student council president, and other schoolmates.

Click here to check out the official website.  Hit the jump to learn about the reaction to Goro Miyazaki’s previous film, Tales from Earthsea.

Ettore tells us:

“Earthsea became somewhat notorious among fans of the studio since it was perceived to fall somewhat short of the quality of other Ghibli titles. Also, issues arose back then in the Miyazaki family, with Hayao sceptical of his son’s ability to direct a full-length feature film.”

It’s got to be rough when your dad is the guy behind such classics as Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, My Neighbor Totoro, and Spirited Away.  That’s like asking someone to step out of a shadow the size of a continent.  I personally haven’t seen Tales from Earthsea, which received a limited release this past August, but I wish Goro Miyazaki the best of luck on his latest project.

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