GOTHAM: Mr. Freeze May Join the Series’ Villains … Eventually

     June 23, 2014


Everybody chill!  While Fox’s upcoming pre-Batman series Gotham is certainly chock full o’ villains from the get-go, one noticeable absence is Dr. Victor Fries, aka Mr. Freeze.  That might only be a temporary reprieve for Gotham’s finest as pilot director Danny Cannon has plans to bring the not-so-good doctor into the story at some point.  For James Gordon (Ben McKenzie), that’s good news since he already has his hands full with the likes of Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin (Robin Taylor Lord) and Jada Pinkett Smith’s gangster Fish Mooney.  It’s also great news for fans because this means that not only will Mr. Freeze likely make an appearance, but that the show won’t rush to get him on screen, thereby doing his origin story justice.  Hit the jump for more.

gotham-mr-freezeHere’s a brief section of HitFix’s interview with Cannon regarding Mr. Freeze.  Be sure to head over to their site for the full interview with Cannon, which delves into all manner of aspects behind the scenes of the show:

HitFix: As you look out across the first season, is there a moment that you’re already anticipating that you’re gonna want to get back behind the camera for?

Danny Cannon: I have a big pitch with Bruno about the Mr. Freeze character, whose origins are uncertain. If I can win Geoff Johns over and if I can win Bruno over, then I look forward to the moment where that character can be realized.

HitFix: What’s the parsing out you have to do on the iconic characters so that you don’t use too many of them in these first episodes?

Danny Cannon: The beauty of this, both myself and Bruno did not sign on until we heard both network and studio assure us that we would not be forced into realizing this so quickly. We want a slow-burn. All our favorite shows, all our studio’s favorite shows, all our network’s favorite shows are a slow burn. They assured us and so far, so good.

I was already pretty excited for Gotham considering the positive reviews from early test screenings, but the possible inclusion of Mr. Freeze really seals the deal.  Batman: The Animated Series firmly set the frosty villain’s origin story in place for most of the character’s iterations going forward, so I’d be surprised if Gotham deviated from that too much.  Then again, Batman won’t be around in this series to take down Freeze, so perhaps his cold exterior will be more of an aesthetic choice than a … diamond-powered freeze ray choice.  Time will tell!