‘Gotham’ Trailer Teases Season 2 Return and Mr. Freeze’s Arrival

     December 1, 2015


So, how about that Gotham Fall finale, huh? It’s been a rollicking and divisive run thus far for the strange, intermittently fascinating DC adaptation, and last night’s episode continued its brief history of doing as many genuinely expressive and interesting things as plain-old silly and dramatically limp things in its runtime. Though I’ve been missing more complex considerations of, and from, a character like Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) from Fox’s show, to say nothing of a bit of a respite from all the campy villain posturing, the show remains a genuine anomaly in a superhero TV genre that is just all a bit to kid-centric and milquetoast for me to ever take as seriously as many fans clearly take it.


Image via Fox

So, it’s a bit of a thrill to see the short (I’m talking 20 seconds) trailer for the show’s return in February, much like The Walking Dead‘s much-anticipated Season 6 return. More importantly, the trailer teases the arrival of one of Batman’s most famed foes, namely Victor Fries, who will eventually become Mr. Freeze, the cold, bitter supervillain who must hide within a temperature-controlled suit after an experiment with an instant-freezing serum causes a tragic accident in his life. As we noted yesterday, we’ve already received a full glance at the character, who will be played by House of Cards regular Nathan Darrow – he plays the Underwood’s, er, friendly bodyguard Ed Meechum. The new trailer does not feature any footage of Fries, but that does seem to be Darrow’s voice on the voiceover to the clip, and he’s a perfect match-up against the grisled Gordon and Donal Logue‘s similarly no-bullshit heavy Bullock.

There’s plenty of time to consider how the introduction of Fries will go down in Gordon’s world but for now, you can check out the short trailer below. Gotham will return this coming February to Fox.