Graham Moore and Marc Forster’s Outbreak Drama Gets Series Order at NBC

     May 28, 2015


The outbreak drama from writer-creator Graham Moore (the Oscar-winning screenwriter behind The Imitation Game) and director Marc Forster, formerly known as Patient Zero, has been given a full order at NBC. Per Deadline, series will run for 10 episodes, with Forster slated to direct most if not all of them and Moore set as lead writer for the entire series. Details are vague but the general focus of the series is on a deadly virus that infects a young woman and has the possibility of decimating populations all around the globe if not contained and cured correctly. That plot will interweave with an FBI agent’s hunt for terrorist in international territories, the stress and horror of which pushes him to the edge of madness.


Image via Warner Bros.

The “deadly outbreak” storyline is a perennial thriller premise and it’s one that could work very well on the small screen. The last and arguably best filmic take on the subject, Steven Soderbergh‘s astonishing Contagion, ingeniously splintered the narrative to follow a number of denizens of Earth trying to figure out a cure for the disease or simply survive its reign, and Moore has a hand for finding different perspectives to investigate in a seemingly straightforward narrative.

That being said, the fact that Forster is in charge of direction does give one slight pause, considering World War Z was, pardon me, a self-satisfied trainwreck, the fault of which admittedly lands more at star Brad Pitt‘s feet than Forster. So, who knows? Forster is certainly a more-than-competent helmer, and the small screen may even bring out a new side of his visual style.


Image via Paramount Pictures