November 21, 2013


The Gran Turismo movie now has a screenwriter.  Sony has been developing a feature film adaptation of the video game franchise for a couple of years, but it now looks like things are heating up.  Producer Dana Brunetti told us recently that the studio is high on the property at the moment, and Heat Vision indeed reports that Watchmen writer Alex Tse has been tapped to pen the Gran Turismo script.  Though plot details have been kept under wraps, Brunetti told us the film will be based on the real-life GT Academy, which has been turning Gran Turismo enthusiasts into actual race car drivers through a series of competitions:

“The movie that we’re gonna do is kind of really a wish-fulfillment fantasy that this kid plays this video game and ultimately goes from this video game to actually racing the race cars.”

The Social Network producer added that even though the film is based in non-fiction, they’re going to be taking “a lot” of license with the story.  With Tse now hard at work on the script, look for more news on the Gran Turismo movie next year.


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