Exclusive: GRAVITY Blu-ray Diamond Luxe Special Feature Clip Goes into the Complex Rigs and Lighting

     March 26, 2015


Today, we’re pleased to debut a special feature clip from the upcoming Gravity Diamond Luxe Edition. The upcoming re-release will feature a Dolby Atmos sound mix and three new special features, and this brief clip highlights the special feature that goes into the complex rigging and lighting that made the space sequences come to life.

While I know there are folks who are baffled as to why director Alfonso Cuaron put so much effort into new technology while eschewing scientific facts, I think that even those who didn’t like the film can appreciate the amount of effort that went into creating the groundbreaking visual effects.

Check out the Gravity Blu-ray Diamond Luxe Edition special feature clip below and click here to pre-order Amazon.  The Blu-ray will be released on March 31st.



Image via Warner Bros.


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