George Clooney Replaces Robert Downey Jr. in GRAVITY

     December 16, 2010


Gravity, the first film from director Alfonso Cuaron since Children of Men, has had its share of struggles in trying to get to the big screen.  The story features a female lead character who is by herself for the majority of film.  The film, which is about an astronaut trying to return to Earth after a disaster in space, was originally set to star Angelina Jolie and Robert Downey Jr., but then Jolie dropped out.  Warner Bros. required a bankable actress for the part and eventually Sandra Bullock signed on to the film…only to have Robert Downey Jr. drop out shortly thereafter due to scheduling conflicts.  Downey was set to play another astronaut who survives the disaster.  Now Heat Vision is reporting that George Clooney has come to the rescue of the project and will play the role, which, while not major, is pivotal in the first act of the film.

Hit the jump for more on Clooney’s schedule and where Gravity will fit in.

According to Heat Vision, Warner Bros. plans to begin shooting on Gravity in the spring after Clooney has wrapped directing on The Ides of March, which is an adaptation of the stage play Farragut North.  Clooney is also circling an adaptation of the 1960s TV spy series The Man from U.N.C.L.E. with Steven Sodebergh directing.

While I’m bummed that Downey left Gravity, you’ll hear no complaints from me regarding Clooney as a replacement.  With two fantastic leads, let’s hope that the film finally launches without any more problems.


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