23 New Images from Alfonso Cuarón’s GRAVITY Starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney

     September 11, 2013


We’ve got over 20 new images from Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity to share with you, featuring numerous shots of stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, as well as the director himself.  One person who isn’t seen is cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, though his presence definitely comes through in these disorienting shots.  You can see that vision in action in this recent trailer.  Be sure to check out the film that James Cameron called the “best space film ever done” and read Matt’s review from the Toronto International Film Festival to see if he agrees.

Hit the jump to see the new images.  Gravity opens October 4th.

Check out the images from Gravity below:

Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity - Sandra Bullock alfonso-cuaron-gravity gravity - alfonso cuaron gravity - astronauts gravity - sandra bullock gravity - sandra-bullock gravity sandra bullock gravity gravity-alfonso-cuaron gravity-astronauts gravity-george-clooney gravity-sandra-bullock gravity-sandra-bullock-1 gravity-sandra-bullock-2 gravity-sandra-bullock-3 gravity-sandra-bullock gravity-sandra-bullock-george-clooney gravity-space-shuttle gravity-tether gravity-tethers Sandra Bullock - Gravity sandra-bullock-george-clooney-gravity sandra-bullock-gravity

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