GRAVITY: What Did You Think?

     October 4, 2013


Director Alfonso Cuarón‘s space-set dramatic thriller Gravity is finally upon us!  The film has been a very long time coming, and anticipation could not have been higher.  I had extremely high hopes for the film myself and found that it more than delivered the goods.  Cuarón crafted a truly magnificent cinematic experience that put me in a state of awe for a good deal of its runtime, and Sandra Bullock‘s stellar performance grounds the film with its strong emotional pull.  Matt was also a big fan (you can read his review here), and now we’d like to hear from you, dear readers.  What did you think of the film as a whole?  Was the finished pic worth the long wait?  Did you catch the film in IMAX 3D?  Sound off in the comments section after the jump.



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