Hisonni Johnson’s New GRAYSON: EARTH ONE Episode Introduces Jason Todd and the Clown Princess of Crime

     March 9, 2015


Long-time readers will remember our Indie Spotlight coverage of Hisonni Johnson’s work, most notably his previous foray into the darkly reimagined city of Gotham. The original web series Grayson: Earth One featured Nightwing’s origin story, and now Episode 1.5 picks up where the action left off. This new installment, “The Boy and the Bullet”, centers on Jason Todd. Batman comics fans will know that name, but what you don’t know is just how he’ll end up in Johnson’s world. You can satisfy your curiosity by checking it out below! (Oh, and it starts off with a fun trailer for the writer-director’s next project!)

This jaw-dropping second chapter resumes moments after the events of episode 1. It’s follows a 17 year old car thief named Jason Todd, whom in another life, become the second Robin. Instead, Jason is left to navigate America’s most dangerous city in search for purpose, safety and a family to call his own. Unfortunately… He finds one.

Johnson’s writing, directing, and editing continues to evolve and mature with each new project, and it’s great to see talent like Jono CotaTania Nolan, and Brooklyn Haley taking center stage. I’d love to see more from this series, so if you feel the same, help to spread the word!

If you liked that short, you should definitely be keeping Johnson on your radar. The first episode garnered over 460k views and was crowned the winner of Dragon Con 2014, Phoenix Comic Con 2014, and The Next Tv Competition Grand Champion. The series has been deemed one of the top ten best on the web in 2014 by The Geekie Awards.

Writer/director Hisonni Johnson and his show have been nominated for 4 IAWTV Awards (2015), a Streamy Award, 3x LAwebfest Winner, LAWEB Grand prize winner and Marseille Webfest runner up. If you want to keep up with his upcoming projects, check out the series’ Twitter account here, and follow along with Johnson’s production company on Facebook.