GREEN LANTERN Movie Swag: Check Out What WB Sent Over; Includes the Power Ring and an Awesome Ferris Aircraft Case

     November 18, 2010

With Warner Bros. releasing the first trailer for director Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern this week, the studio has amped up their marketing machine to try and raise awareness for the movie.  While the readers of Collider and other online sites are already aware of the movie and excited to see it next summer, the studio needs to make sure regular folks want to see the next iteration of a comic book movie.  Because make no mistake, Green Lantern is going to push the boundaries of what a comic book movie can do (outer space battles, going to another planet) and that’s why I’m so excited to check it out.  I promise, you’ve never seen a movie like Green Lantern.

So to try and raise awareness, the studio has mailed out to  a few celebrities and some onliners what might be the coolest movie related swag I’ve ever gotten in the mail.  Not only did they send over a Green Lantern shirt, hat, a sweatshirt, and a bracelet in an awesome Ferris Aircraft case that makes a sound when you open it up, they sent over a Green Lantern Power Ring!  The thing to know about the ring is…unlike the first few items which will be available to buy next year, the ring is not going to be available for sale.  Of course DC Direct or another company will make a replica of the one Ryan Reynolds wears in the movie, but I guess it’ll be different from this one.  However, while the ring is cool, you’ve got to see the case it came in.  Hit the jump for a ton of images:

As you can see in the images below, Warner Bros. did not hold back.  I’ve taken high res images of everything, so click on any photo from a much bigger version.  I have to say, the case the ring came in is really awesome and I hope that something like this will eventually be for sale .  At night it lights up the room and the green glow is just very cool.

For more Green Lantern coverage, here’s the first trailer, over 40 high resolution screen grabs from the trailer which includes a frame by frame breakdown of Ryan Reynolds transformation into Green Lantern, a new poster, and here’s a link to all our coverage of the film.

Here’s video of what happens when you open the box.  The ring came in a separate mailer.

click on any image for a high res version

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