GREEN LANTERN Reboot: Tyrese Gibson Hints at a Role

     June 27, 2015


When Warner Bros. announced its big DC Movie Universe plans, with release dates going up to the year 2020, we learned that one of their far off projects is a new Green Lantern movie. The Ryan Reynolds-fronted 2011 film was something of a misfire, but following Zack Snyder’s creation of a new interconnected universe, WB wants to try again. Given that the Green Lantern reboot isn’t set for release until 2020, we didn’t necessarily expect to hear much news about the project for a while. But Snyder is assembling the new Justice League for at least a cameo capacity in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to set up the two-part Justice League films, so casting for the oath-taking superhero may well be underway.

A rumor surfaced a few days ago that Chris Pine—who is reportedly in talks to play the love interest of Gal Gadot’s titular hero in Wonder Woman—is actually in line to play the Green Lantern. However, given that the comics have had numerous iterations of the Green Lantern hero throughout the title’s run, another rumor suggested we could see more than one Green Lantern in the film. If the Pine rumors are true, who could this other Green Lantern be?


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Speaking with ET, Tyrese Gibson claims he’s met with Warner Bros. and dropped some serious Green Lantern hints:

“There are certain things I can’t speak on,” Tyrese said, cautiously. “But I will say, however this works out, it’s definitely the fans’ fault. I was at home minding my own business and fans start creating these fan-made videos of me as Green Lantern and I looked into it. I’ve been a fan of the Green Lantern. I took the oath, and I had a meeting at Warner Bros. and certain things were said and talked about. We’ll just see what happens.”

Gibson went on to take on a tone that sounds more like campaigning than actually saying he has the role, pointing out that he’s got a lot of international box office clout:

“Listen, these muscles are here and they’re ready to be used. There aare are lot of people, domestically and internationally, who’s got love with your boy. I’m coming into this thing with some fans and some box office receipts behind my name and I say that proudly and humbly. I just think I deserve a shot at suiting up and becoming the Green Lantern.”

If that wasn’t enough, he shared the following photos on Instagram:

Shit just got real – #doubleoath #doubletrouble #GreenLantern #WB #VoltronPictures

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#TheOath has been taken…..

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So is this a case of an actor championing himself for a role, or is Gibson really in line to play a Green Lantern? It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for Warner Bros. to take an ambitious route by populating the reboot with two Green Lanterns, and if they were really feeling confident, they could announce the casting during the sure-to-be huge Warner Bros. panel at Comic-Con in a few weeks.

Hopefully we hear more firm word soon, but what do you think about Tyrese as John Stewart, folks? Sound off in the comments below.


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