Greg Berlanti Video Interview LIFE AS WE KNOW IT

     October 13, 2010

About a week ago I posted part of my video interview with director Greg Berlanti where he talked about Clash of the Titans 2, Green Lantern 2, and his ABC show No Ordinary Family.  With his movie Life As We Know It now playing in theaters, it’s time for the other part of the interview where he talked about making the movie.

During the interview we talked about the test screening process, how the movie is more grounded than typical romcoms that are filled with crazy Hollywood moments, the 25 or so minutes of deleted scenes that will be on the eventual DVD/Blu-ray release, and what has the last year been like for him juggling so many projects.  Hit the jump to watch:

Greg Berlanti

  • What’s it like to be in the center of a Hollywood junket
  • :35 – What’s the last few months been like for him editing the movie and test screenings
  • 1:25 – Talks about network testing of shows
  • 2:25 – Did the movie shift a lot due to test screenings or was it some fine tuning
  • 3:50 – Cut out 40 to 50 minutes from the movie
  • 4:15 – Says the plan is to add 25 or so minutes to the DVD release
  • 4:50 – We talk about how the movie is more grounded than typical rom coms that are filled with Hollywood moments
  • 6:40 – How has the last year been like for him with so many projects


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