‘Grimjack’ Movie in the Works, Courtesy of the Russo Brothers

     July 19, 2019


In addition to the Russo Brothers’ announcement that they’ll be producing (and possibly directing) a movie adaptation of Battle of the Planets, the siblings have also acquired the rights to the mid-80s comic Grimjack. Don’t recognize the name? Allow us to acquaint you.

Based on the graphic novel from John Ostrander and Tim Truman, this would be the big-screen debut for the First Comics / IDW character, a troubled fighter who deals with Shakespearean levels of family drama. His adventures included arena combat as a youth, magic-wielding, battles against Hell and a complicated escape from Heaven, plus clones, gatorlizards, sentient robots and more. Gimme this movie now!


Image via First Comics

Here’s the official synopsis:

Grimjack is the story of mercenary and his crew who are forced to dig into their own pasts when Grimjack’s estranged teenage daughter comes to him looking for help.  This will take them through the insane streets of Cynosure, a mysterious city where all parallel universes intersect.  There, this unlikely team fights to save not just themselves, but all the planes of existence as we know it.

This synopsis sounds like it’ll focus on the adult years of Grimjack, also known as John Gaunt, though there’s always the possibility that we’ll see flashbacks of his traumatic childhood. The story gets increasingly bonkers over the course of the First Comics issues so there’s plenty of story to mine. Whether or not we’ll get to see all that content make its way onto the screen is anyone’s guess.

We don’t have much more on the adaptation of Grimjack at the moment. J. Michael Straczynski took a crack at it more than 20 years ago, but nothing came of that attempt. It’d be a helluva thing to see, so let’s hope this one happens.

All you Grimjack fans out there, speak up! Let us know what you’d like to see on the big screen!

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