Is a Complete DVD/Blu-ray of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s GRINDHOUSE on the Way?

     July 5, 2010

While the whole purpose of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse was to re-create the double-bill experience of going to a Grindhouse movie, The Weinstein Company split the film into two DVDs/Blu-rays: one for Rodriguez’ Planet Terror and the other for Tarantino’s Death ProofGrindhouse also featured fake trailers from Eli Roth (Thanksgiving), Rob Zombie (Werewolf Women of the S.S.), Edgar Wright (Don’t), Rodriguez (Machete), and Jason Eisener, John Davies, and Rob Cotterill (Hobo with a Shotgun).  While none of these trailers were included on the DVDs/Blu-rays, the last two fake trailers are currently being adapted into feature-length films, with Machete scheduled to hit theaters on September 3rd.

Today, Wright tweeted, “So, get this, tomorrow I am doing a commentary on ‘Don’t’. Some of you will know what that means is finally happening.”  Fingers crossed, it means that we’re finally getting the full Grindhouse on DVD/Blu-ray.  I’m not sure when we would get it, but I’d bet it would be timed with the DVD/Blu-ray release of Machete.  Hit the jump to check out Wright’s fake trailer for Don’t.

Hat tip to /Film for raising this posibility based on Wright’s tweet.

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