Director Peter Segal Gets into the Ring with GRUDGE MATCH

     October 26, 2010


Nothing brings more joy to my heart than the thought of old people fighting one another. Their withered, crumpled flesh sagging as their arms stretch out in attempt to meet the decrepit face of their antagonist. Sheer bliss. So the news, via Deadline, that Peter Segal (Get Smart) has been tapped to helm such a feature — titled Grudge Match— may be the single greatest thing to happen in the film industry since Lee Marvin’s mere existence.

The film, written by Tim Kelleher, focuses on the renewed rivalry between two fighters 50 years after they faced off against one another in the boxing ring. Rumors have circulated that producers Billy Gerber and Mark Steven Johnson are attempting to attach Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone as the elder rivals in question. However I feel the two are just not quite old enough for the parts. How about Ernest Borgnine (fresh off Red) vs. Clint Eastwood or Gene Hackman or Sean Connery (if that is you could convince any of the latter three actors to un-retire). To be fair I don’t care who Ernest Borgnine faces off against – as long as Borgnine is doing some of the fighting.

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