‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ Panel and Footage Recap: Baby Groot Breaks Out Big

     July 23, 2016

How do you top Guardians of the Galaxy? The most idiosyncratic and peculiar of the Marvel film-verse, Guardians is the perfect alchemy of wit, heart and weirdo Benicio del Toro performance. It’s a movie that instantly tapped into the zeitgeist – turning Chris Pratt and a dancing baby tree into instant movie stars.

At the Comic Con Marvel panel, filmmaker James Gunn previewed just how he plans to top the original. His answer: a ton more Tiny Groot. Gunn alongside the entire cast previewed what to expect in the just wrapped Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and premiered exclusive footage from the film. For highlights from the panel and thoughts on the footage, read below.

guardians-of-the-galaxy-2-logoPanel Highlights

  • Per Gunn: Comic Con “is the petri dish in which Guardians of the Galaxy is borne.” It was through Hall H that people learned who the Guardians of the Galaxy even were.
  • Gunn stated that the pressure of making the sequel is far less than on the first film. “It’s a much better pressure knowing people are going to see your movie,” he joked “Instead of on the first film waking up and wondering if you’re making Pluto Nash.”
  • Chris Pratt revealed that Star Lord has become famous after the events of the first film. “He’s a little bit more responsible and trying to do better… but still coming up short.”
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will pick up just a couple months after the first film
  • Zoe Saldana joked that in her relationship with Star Lord, Gamora’s become the nagging “old lady, constantly telling him to stop it, stop it…”
  • Elizabeth Debicki confirmed she’s playing Ayesha, otherwise known as “Her.” Ayesha’s a cosmic being, engineered to be the perfect specimen. She’s actually the second attempt at crafting such a being – the first: Adam Warlock, perhaps hinting at a future appearance.
  • Dave Bautista stated Drax is more confused than ever. He pretends to understand what metaphors are, but secretly has no clue what anyone around him is talking about most of the time.
  • guardians-of-the-galaxy-michael-rooker-yondu

    Image via Marvel

    In order to ensure Yondu had a bigger role in the film, Michael Rooker brought blue cookies of his character over to James Gunn’s house for a party. Rooker, however, stated that there was no ulterior motive behind this action.

  • Kevin Feige announced there would be a Guardians of the Galaxy theme park attraction at Disneyland California beginning in 2017. James Gunn directed the entire cast for the attraction, which looks to be taking over for Tower Terror. On the attraction, the Guardians are taken hostage by The Collector (Benicio del Toro reprising his role) and then must attempt to break out.

Footage Recap

James Gunn brought two clips for the Comic Con crowd, the first an actual scene from the sequel. The Ravagers throw Rocket Raccoon and Yondu Udonto into a jail cell, telling the duo they’re about to be sent off to The Kree. They keep Tiny Groot in his own bird-cage; but can’t kill him because “he’s too adorable.” This isn’t an understatement – the entire Hall H audience ‘oohed and aahed’ at every single shot of Tiny Groot. He even has his own mini Guardian suit – a la Star Lord’s outfit. Basically Tiny Groot is going to make Marvel all the money in merchandising. He may be so popular – no other toy will ever be needed at a store again.


Image via Marvel Studios

Anyway – Tiny Groot gets out of his cage and is enlisted to get Yondu his Yaka arrow to break out. But Groot doesn’t understand and instead brings him underwear, a severed finger and a desk. It’s up to Rocket to speak to Groot so he understands just what to get.

After Yondu finally gets his hands on the arrow, things get violent. Hundreds of Ravagers are mowed down in slow motion as Rocket, Yondu and Groot strut to the beat of ‘Come A Little Bit Closer’. Only James Gunn could make mass murder fun and hilarious. The highlight of the scene though is Tiny Groot chasing a Ravager, grabbing him with extended branches and tossing him casually off a catwalk to his death. Tiny cute things horrifically murdering a grown adult = always great. This is a scientific proof.

The second bit of footage was more of an extended trailer. We got glimpses of the Guardians facing off against some space octopus-like monster, Star Lord teasing Rocket by calling him a “trash panda”, and even a brief appearance by Sylvester Stallone – all set to a cool 80s jam (Fleetwood Mac’s Break the Chain). But the highlight of the footage was the reveal of Kurt Russell as Star Lord’s dad – Ego. Ego, by the by, is a living planet – yes, an actual living planet. This is not a metaphor. They allude to this in the trailer during an extended comedy scene where Ego tells the Guardians he’s chosen to adopt a human form, prompting Drax to question if all the anatomy’s in place for the guise. “Yes, I have a penis,” Russell deadpans.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 opens May 5, 2017. On May 6th, Tiny Groot takes over the world.

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