Marvel Developing GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Feature Film

     August 4, 2011


Just the other day we reported that Marvel is moving forward with a feature film based on the lesser-known (and more mystical) character of Doctor Strange. With the studio quickly running out of A-list superheroes that carry instant name-recognition with general audiences, the idea of them digging into their back-catalog makes sense. Well now it looks like Doctor Strange is just the beginning, as Twitch Film reports that Marvel is currently in active development on a Guardians of the Galaxy feature film.

The comic first appeared in 1969 and was resurrected in 2008. The story centers on a group of alien beings in the 31st century who are each the last of their kind. They eventually travel back in time and interact with 20th century Marvel characters (interconnected franchise potential!). Back in June, Marvel Studios VP of Production Tom Cohen talked to us a bit about Guardians of the Galaxy and the difficulty of introducing characters that mainstream audiences are unfamiliar with, and he stated that it all comes down to finding the right take.

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